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The agricultural farm “Lamoresca” is situated in the heart of Sicily, in the small town of San Michele di Ganzaria, in the “Gigliotto” district. The farm started out in the year 2000 with our first piece of land , an olive grove with 46 ancient olive trees of the local “Moresca” variety. That is why we named our farm “Lamoresca”.


Today we cultivate 25 hectares of vines, olive trees, prickly pears and other fruit trees. These fields are all located in the hills at an altitude of 430 meters above sea level.

The soil is comprised of sandstone, clay and Silex. We benefit from a typical Mediterranean climate: very warm and dry in the summer, with very little rain.


Everything we cultivate is organic and with the greatest respect for nature.

Our fields are surrounded by Mediterranean scrub and wild herbs, where all types of animals- even porcupines- and insects can be found in their traditional habitat, creating a very useful biodiversity.


Because of the dimension of our farm we can make sure that every single step of the production process is carefully monitored.

We start with a healthy and high-quality fruit, obtained with a rigorous and organic management of the crops. Afterwards we process the fruits in a clean and traditional way, with the modern technological knowledge of today.


We strive to produce an organic and traditional product that reflects our territory and the uniqueness of the year of production.

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