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Respect for the soil, plants, and their phenological phases is an absolute priority for our farm.  That’s why we devote most of our time to the work in the vineyards, in the olive groves and in the prickly pear plantations.


The mission of obtaining a healthy and high-quality fruit is achieved through precise and accurate interventions in all seasonal phases.

A completely manual pruning is performed to acquire the characteristics necessary for each plant, in order to sacrifice a greater yield and obtain a higher quality.


The manual harvesting of grapes and olives takes place only when they have reached a correct ripeness, that will allow to produce wines and oils able to satisfy the different market needs.


Weeds are removed mechanically, and cover crops are used for the nitrogen-fixing and the increasing of the organic matter of the soil.

All these procedures permit that the fruit arrives in the cellar or in the oil-mill with excellent characteristics and is immediately processed in order to enhance the work of a year between the rows.


Our products are bio-certified by Q Certficazioni.

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